Smile Shapers

Smile Shapers Clear Aligners are an esthetic and convenient alignment solution. Unlike traditional braces, which can cause soreness to the inside of a patient’s mouth, clear aligners have smooth surfaces. Meet the growing demand for an alignment solution when adding Smile Shapers to your practice. Smile Shapers are fabricated to have unparalleled strength and invisibility so that patients will never have to worry about noticeable cracks or stains. Aligners will be created specifically for patients’ needs and teeth, and their treatment plan will also be specific to their case. These aligners are fabricated out of a clear resin and disappear on top of dentition. Completely unnoticeable, your patients will never have to deal with unseemly stains as long as they follow the simple cleaning guidelines. Smile Shapers easily snap on and off patients’ teeth and simplify tasks, such as maintenance and eating.


  • Minimal Chair Time
  • Esthetic & Convenient
  • New Revenue Stream
  • FDA-Approved with 510k Clearance