The RealGuide™ Software provides everything needed for precise implant planning, design, and production of a user-friendly surgical guide to provide a secure, accurate, and minimally invasive guided surgery. Utilizing a guided software allows for a powerful, open, universal platform for diagnosis, implant planning, designing and printing surgical guides.   Compatible with DICOM and STL files.  Available for over 100 different implants and includes a build in communication and file sharing feature for the ease of the treatment plan’s execution, considering the final restoration requirements to place the implant in the proper position.


  • Easy Collaboration
  • Predictable Implant Placement
  • Open to All Implant Systems
  • Minimally Invasive

Superimpose a digital impression or prosthetic design (STL) with a CBCT Scan (DICOM). Plan implants and abutments at the same time. Share the plan with others (Specialist, General Dentist and Lab).

Download the App (FREE) to your IOS device “RealGUIDE Dental” and manage your projects from any location. Review, adjust and comment right in the App.

Guides can be supported by bone, teeth or soft tissue. The Doctor approved plans are then ready for 3D printing. Guide drill sleeves and surgical report available with each case.