Town and Country Dental Studios is your resource for a wide array of restorations and services. In addition to our highly esthetic fixed crown and bridge restorations, we also offer additional products, such as GRADIA®, PMMA temporaries, and diagnostic wax-ups. 


Our team ensures lifelike esthetics by using the GRADIA® Indirect Restoration System from GC America. These buildable composites allow us to precisely color match every restoration to your patient’s oral environment. We utilize GRADIA® for both teeth and gingiva fabrication.

PMMA Temporaries

Our PMMA temporaries offer durability and esthetics for a temporary restorative solution. This restoration is milled out of a dense block of PMMA, which provides the provisional with natural esthetics due to the material’s translucency. Available in 16 VITA® classical and bleached shades in mono-color and multilayer options.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Our diagnostic wax-up models give the patient a preview of what their smile will look like once the restoration process is complete. Wax-ups aid in case acceptance. They also guide our lab during the fabrication of the final prosthetic, ensuring extreme precision and a final restoration that accurately achieves your specifications.