Zirlux FC™

The Town & Country team utilizes Zirlux FC™ zirconia to craft our full-contour zirconia restorations. These restorations offer lifelike esthetics without the use of a porcelain overlay. In addition, it never compromises on strength since it is a monolithic solution and is virtually chip-proof. When choosing Zirlux FC™, you ensure that your patient’s anterior or posterior restoration exceeds expectations. We also utilize this material for implant restorations. 


  • High Flexural Strength
  • Gentle on Opposing Teeth
  • Ideal for Limited Occlusal Space
  • Natural Esthetics

7 days in lab up to 3 units

9 days in lab 4+ units

  • Modified tapered shoulder preparation
  • 120° chamfer prep
  • Feather edge and bevels are not ideal
  • Crowns, Bridges (any span), Implant Restorations, Hybrid Abutment
  • Ideally suited for bruxers and grinders
  • Esthetic alternatives to full-cast crowns

Conventional cementation