While our view of relationships is somewhat old-school, our technology use and adaptation are on the leading edge of innovation. At Town & Country, we are proud to consider ourselves at the forefront of dental technology. From design to manufacturing, we have implemented cutting-edge procedures to make sure that fit, form, and function are maximized to the best the industry can offer. When used properly, we see technology as a means to achieving the most human goal of a happier, more satisfied patient.

Intraoral Scanners

Working with Town & Country means that doctors are able to connect with us on a number of different platforms. We currently offer compatibility with:

3Shape TRIOS® 4

Medit i500

Carestream CS3700

Midmark True Definition Scanner

Align Technology iTero™ Element 5D

Dentsply Sirona CEREC® Primescan

High Precision Milling 

Modeless Crown & Bridge

Through the combined use of digital impressions and 5-axis milling, our technicians expertly fabricate premium zirconia and IPS e.max® restorations with uncompromising accuracy and quality. The extreme precision of digital impressions ensures that every restoration provides optimum fit and function while reducing turnaround time. With easy digital submissions and a more comfortable patient experience, submitting your case to our lab is convenient and beneficial to your practice. We will discount your crown and bridge case every time you go modeless. 

Modeless Implant

Labs are now able to plan the entire restoration (screw or cement-retained) digitally and provide exceptional restorations for patients. The accuracy of digital information has allowed highly trained teams to deliver accurate restorations quicker and more predictably than ever before. This includes the growing prevalence of modeless restorations. Intraoral scanning of scan bodies can save time and money while providing exceptional accuracy when a case can be done modeless. With digital technology in a large percentage of labs, we are now able to plan the entire implant restoration digitally and provide exceptional restorations for patients. We will discount your implant case every time you go modeless. 

3D Printing 

3D Printed Surgical Guides

Surgical guides are single-use appliances made to fit directly over a patient’s teeth with a hole that positions a surgical drill at the right location, angle, and even depth.  Surgical guides are becoming a standard tool to assist implant procedures, reduce surgery duration, and reduce the risk of complications.

3D Printed Nightguards

Rigid appliances printed in a matter of hours mean that you can provide better care while steeply cutting manufacturing costs. Splints, mouth guards, and retainers can be fabricated using 3D printers.

3D Models

In dentistry, it’s very important to get things right the first time, and dental 3D printers ensure this. Doctors can print a model of the patient’s mouth and verify that their implant, crown, or aligner will fit with precision.

3D printed dental models are easy to make. They only require a quick scan of the patient’s mouth. Despite this, they can be powerful tools for a dentist because they enable them to check their work before surgically implanting it into a patient.

Because these models aren’t actually placed in any mouths, they don’t require any indispensable technology or resin. These common dental appliances serve to protect patients from Bruxism and help keep teeth in their proper orthodontic alignment. The final fabricated appliances are attractively clear, strong, and durable.

3D Printed Dentures

Digital technology is advancing dentistry in many ways, and the newest to the game are dentures. With this advancement in the milled denture world come better-fitting products that patients and dentists can agree on! Eliminating the inaccuracies of stone models and quite a few try-in appointments (compared to conventional denture fabrication), the digital denture process has the ability to streamline the time spent visiting the dental office. Not only is this a timesaver for the patient, but it allows the dentist time to see other patients in the interim.