Copy Denture

Digitally Scanned, Designed and Printed

A great service for your patients who wear dentures, and can add a new revenue source to your practice.

A COPY DENTURE is exactly that. We precision scan the existing denture and then, using sophisticated software and advanced 3D printers, we produce a highly accurate copy. Fast, precise and ready in a few days. All for an affordable price, giving your patients a spare denture for that “just in case” moment.

The options currently available are:

  • Copy Denture made from the Denture being sent to the lab or the Patient comes to lab for scan of existing Denture.
    Cost: Call for details
  • Add a Copy Denture at the same time we are making a Traditional Denture. Cost: Call for details
  • Making an additional / second Copy Denture at the same time.
    Cost: Call for details
  • Reprint, process and finish an Exact Copy of the original Copy Denture in the future.
    Cost: Call for details

Turn Around Time – 7 business days or less.

Additional Information

  • Pink colors to choose from – Light Pink, Medium Pink, Original Pink, Dark Pink, Dark Meharry
  • Teeth colors to choose from – BL (Bleach), A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1
  • Patient comes to lab and we scan in less then 20 minutes and return denture to patient
  • Add an additional/second “Copy Denture”. For Cost: Call for details
  • Warranty – If a Copy Denture breaks, it is covered for 1 year from the invoice date for ONE EXACT reprint (we request the copy denture is returned for analysis)

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